Industrial Valve by Product Category

Wide Range of Superior Quality Valves Products

High-pressure and low-pressure control valves both for standard and special constructions for power plants and industrial systems.

Segment ball valve is primarily designed for flow control, and it can also be used for shut-off operation.

Positioner controls the valve stroke in response to an input signal from the control panel, DCS, or calibrator.

Ball Valves control flow direction and support a diverse range of system requirements.

PFA Valve includes ultra-high purity valves and air operated diaphragm valves that are leak free and corrosion resistant.

Rotary Valve are used for feeding bulk materials into pneumatic conveying systems and discharging out of hoppers and silos.

Manual Valve operate through a manual operator, which are primarily used to stop and start flow.

Sanitary Valves help to control process flow during the production and transfer stages.

Safety Valve is designed to opens at a given maximum pressure, thereby relieving the line or the container.

Actuators is a mechanical device that uses a power source to operate a valve.